So, you're interested in archery?


Don't buy your own equipment just yet!


Archery is a sport enjoyed by people of all ages and ability and you don't need any previous experience in order to take part in one of our beginners courses. We run regular courses for those who are new to the sport where you will be able to use the club equipment.


Courses are held on a Saturday at the club's grounds in Torquay and are open to any over the age of 10*.


Each course consists of four, one hour sessions.


You will be instructed by a senior club member under the direction of the club coaches and will learn safety, basic archery practice, bare-bow and free-style techniques.


After you've completed the course, you will be eligible to join the club.


Once you join, you will be able to hire club equipment for a small fee of £3 per session until you feel ready to buy your own equipment. We would advise against buying your own equipment until your confidence with a bow has improved and our club coaches can advise you on what size and type of bow will suit you in the long term.


We run a number of courses throughout the year. If you wish to register an interest in a beginners course, then complete the form below to register your details.


*Due to the power of the bows and risk of injury, we are unable to offer courses or membership to children under the age of 10. Please see our child protection page for further details in our "about us" section.


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