New to Archery





The best way to take up archery is to undertake a beginners course which gives you both a solid start in the right techniques and learning the all-important safety requirements.


Archery is a sport enjoyed by people of all ages and abilities and you don't need any previous experience in order join one of our beginners courses. You do not need to have been to a ‘Have a Go’ session to join a course.

The course includes instruction over four weekly sessions of one hour followed by the opportunity to practice over a further two sessions.


The equipment you will need is provided by the club and there is no obligation to join.  We run a number of courses throughout the year at Torquay Academy on Saturdays, in the Sports Hall or, in the summer months, outside on the sports field.  Our courses are available to adults and children over the age of 10*.


You will be instructed by a senior club member under the direction of the club coaches and will learn safety, basic archery practice, bare-bow and free-style techniques.

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         Beginners Course please email:   


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At times we might have a waiting list for places on the course so please bear with us.


After you've completed the course, you will be eligible to join the club and will receive a membership card from our national body - Archery GB



We strongly advise against buying your own equipment until your confidence with a bow has improved.  Our coaches and more experienced members can advise you on what size and type of bow, and arrows will suit you.

Once you join, you will be able to hire club equipment for a small fee of £3 per session until you feel ready to buy your own equipment. 

Choosing your first bow and other equipment is a very important step in archery.  It really is important to seek advice from a reliable archery shop, coach or experienced archer, rather than just pick something off the internet, as mistakes can be costly and having equipment that is unsuitable for you can cause injuries.


There is further useful information in other pages in this part of the site for those new to the sport.


*Due to the power of the bows and risk of injury, we are unable to offer courses or membership to children under the age of 10. Parents may wish to also see our Child Protection Page.

The cost of the beginners course is £55.00 per person payable in advance.


(Here is pro forma application for beginners course)