Beyond Beginners

Beyond Beginners 

So, you signed up for our beginners course, it’s going well and you are thinking about what happens at the finish of the course – yes?


When you have successfully completed the course, we issue a certificate signed off by the Club’s Secretary and Chairperson.

 This is not simply to give you a warm glow from your progress on the course.  It is also valuable confirmation which can be produced if, at the completion of the course, or within a reasonable time thereafter, you wish to take up archery either by joining Torquay Company of Archers, or any other archery club in the UK affiliated to Archery GB.


So, it’s important to retain your certificate.






We are a friendly and supportive club so, when you graduate from being a ‘beginner’ to regular membership of TCoA you need not feel that you are now left to fend for yourself.


As a member you have access to the shooting line at  our meetings and have the option to take part in our  members’. handicap and pairs competitions if you wish to. 


In advance of the day when you might purchase your own equipment you can use the Club’s equipment for a small maintenance charge


You can consult any of our coaching or other experienced members for advice and tips on shooting target archery.   


You can attend any social events and members’ meetings and take part in discussion and vote on motions proposed


You will receive a copy of our quarterly newsletter ‘The Quiver”