More about beginners courses

More about beginners courses.

 Who will be teaching me ?                                                                             

Our courses are under the supervision of Keith Hawksford. Keith is a highly qualified coach, ArcheryGB County Coach, DCAS* County Squad Coach, WAA Welsh National Squad Coach, Archery GB Personal performance Coach. Keith is DBS checked and his coaching experience includes Stoke Mendeville with Paralympic Archers.  

How is the course structured?                                                                                        

You book and pay for four lessons over four consecutive weeks and your course fee also includes a further two weeks when you can gain confidence practicing alongside our members and have further help and advice from coach or experienced members if needed.  The course being over the six weeks we recommend that you book on a course when you expect to be available to attend all the sessions.

What should I wear?
Clothing should be well fitting tops, not loose sleeves or baggy jumpers, A waistcoat or Gillet should be zipped up, Comfortable flat shoes, light weight boots or trainers (open-toed footwear is not appropriate).  Long hair should be tied back away from the face. Facial jewellery is not recommended especially if it might protrude in a way that could catch on the bow string.    


Is there an age limit?
The recommended minimum age is 10 years due to safety considerations and younger children’s physical development. There is no maximum age limit. We ask that parents of those under 18 should stay on the premises throughout the lesson.

Will I need to bring any archery equipment of my own?
No, it is all provided by our club and will be selected for you according to your physique and included in your course fee. We cater for left-handed people.

Are the lessons indoors or outdoors?                                                              

Lessons  take place indoors. For most of the year but if the club members are shooting in the adjoining field in the summer and the weather is good you may have some or all the lessons outdoors.

What sort of bow will I be shooting?                                                                 

Recurve bows are standard for teaching purposes. If you go on to take up archery as a member you can continue to shoot ‘recurve’ style of bow or change to other permitted bow styles such as longbow, flat bow, horsebow, although compound bows are more appropriate for experienced archers

How physically demanding is it?
The training bows are lightweight, but it is a “physical” sport. Should you feel any pain or muscle ache please tell your coach immediately. If you have a disability which you think may affect your training, please inform the course organiser when you book onto the course.

How many other will be on the course with me?                                                 

We usually structure the course to six people as we prefer to teach a small class.  each person is instructed on a one-to-one basis by experienced archers under Keith’s supervision.   

What happens at the end of the course?                                                                

All successful candidates are awarded a certificate. This can be used to prove a basic level of competency and an understanding safety requirement for joining any Archery GB affiliated club and qualifies you to immediately apply for membership of Torquay Archers which many people choose. Please ask for further information at the time or browse this website.

When should I buy my own archery equipment?

As a new member of Torquay Archers, you will not need to buy your own equipment and indeed you are advised not to until such time as you settle down in archery and access informed *advice on the bow and the arrows that are suitable for your physique and are safe for you.  For this reason be cautious about buying on the internet.  In the meantime, you are welcome to continue using the Club’s equipment for a small maintenance fee.


  • Our coaches are available to offer advice as required, and Tony Vowden, (who is a Torquay Archers member and the proprietor of Rixdale  Archery Supplies )  is always helpful with advice andwith no obligation to purchase from his shop.