More about archery

Some Basic Safety Requirements


A bow with the arrow nocked should NEVER be directed anywhere other than towards the target.


Archers should never step forward of the ‘Shooting Line’ for any reason, until the whistle has been blown to move forward and collect your arrows.  If, for instance, you drop an arrow which lands in front of shooting line, it should be left there until the whistle is sounded.


Archers should never nock their arrows until they are in position on the shooting line.


The terms ‘fast and loose’ derive from Archery - any archer who sees a potentially dangerous situation (e.g. a person or animal in the target area) should immediately shout out “FAST” the accepted signal to stop shooting and bring down your bow.




Archery Etiquette


Good manners on the shooting line consists of NOT


  • Talking in a loud voice whilst others are shooting


  • Talking to another archer on the line especially when they are at full draw


  • Using or having a mobile phone on or near the shooting line during the shoot.


  • Walking off the shooting line when the adjacent archer is at full draw.


  • Touching another archer's equipment without their permission


  • Shooting at distances beyond your capability thus continually missing the boss and holding up shooting until all arrows are accounted for.


  • Leaving litter on the archery site.